Get Well Soon Flower Tips on Sending

Nothing can aid a speedy recovery like a beautiful bouquet of get-well flowers or a lively green plant. Whether your special someone is ill at home or in the hospital, flowers are always thoughtful get-well gifts that put people in good spirits—and being in good spirits is extremely helpful in encouraging a speedy recovery.

Get well soon flower

How do I order flowers to be delivered to a hospital?

To preparing for your get well flower delivery to someone in the hospital, it is important to have the following checklist before you place your order:

  • Name, phone number, and full address of the hospital
  • Patient’s full name
  • Room number
  • When the flowers should be delivered (check delivery hours at hospital)
  • Hospital policies (for example, many intensive care units do not allow flowers or scented gifts)

Be sure to consider the type of flowers in your get-well gift, too. Tulips and gerbera daisies are ideal selections for hospital delivery—they are fragrance-free, bright and cheerful, and extremely easy to maintain.


Does it matter if the flower arrangement is scented?

Avoid sending highly fragrant flowers such as freesia, lilies, or lilacs as get well gifts, especially to someone who is ill as opposed to injured. Instead, choose assorted iris arrangements, daffodils, and sunflowers. These flowers are bright, cheery, and light on scent, which make them great pick-me-ups for loved ones no matter what their symptoms may be.

What kind of flowers should I send to someone recovering at home?

For loved ones going through a long recovery, a beautiful bulb garden, potted flowers, or plants are both welcome and lasting gifts, guaranteed to create a warm, comfortable environment for weeks or months to come.


Can flowers speed up the recovery process?

A recent Harvard University study indicates that fresh cut flowers in the home will both boost energy and lessen feelings of anxiety and depression. Nancy Etcoff, Ph.d, the scientist who conducted the study concludes, “Our results suggest that flowers have a positive impact on our well being.”Whether placed in a bedroom or a hospital room, a beautiful bouquet has been scientifically proven to lift the spirits of someone who is feeling a little under the weather.

And everyone knows that feeling. Whether it’s a broken bone or an illness, it’s easy to start feeling down in the dumps when you’re stuck at home or in the hospital.

Get-well gifts remind us of the loved ones who sent them, that we’re cared for, and give us a great reason to get better soon. So, next time you need to say, “Get-well soon,” send the thoughtful, instant pick-me-up get-well gift. Send flowers.